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Architecture is about creating engaging environments that exceed our clients expectations, all while helping them achieve their strategic goals..

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Designing a dream home of the prospect client. Client is never kept in dilemma of the service that we ought to provide. We are a team with a zest and dedication to the scope of our expertise. Which ranges from the brilliant aesthetics of a building, to the interior decor and the urban landscape of a city.

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The wholesome combination of an energetic team has our expertise in the field of architecture, urban design, interior and landscape architecture. We have team who can deliver all the services aforementioned with quick and quality work to fulfill the desire of the clients.

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Concept Space
Interior Designing

Our Latest Projects

Explore our cutting-edge architectural ventures reshaping Noida's skyline. Discover innovation and excellence in our latest projects.


At Concept Space, our distinction lies in crafting unique architectural marvels that reflect individuality and functionality. We merge visionary design with technical expertise, ensuring every project exudes innovation and finesse. Our commitment to client aspirations, coupled with meticulous attention to detail, guarantees a seamless journey from concept to reality. Trust us to transform spaces into personalized reflections of your dreams.

Innovative Design

Our approach embraces creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

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Client-Centric Approach

From initial concept to final execution, we maintain open communication.

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Technical Proficiency

Building Information Modeling, structural engineering, & construction techniques.

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Sustainable Solutions

eco-friendly materials, renewable resources, and energy-efficient design

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Some Facts About Us

Leading Way In Architecture in Noida

Our project experience provides us with an extensive knowledge base to draw upon. We are updating our self-every day for the betterment of the design.


8 years of quality and successful projects

Concept Space was established in 2016 by Saleem Hafeez Khan. We currently have a friendly team of enthusiastic staff with a range of experience from Senior architects to the architects from a foreign land of Bhutan. We enjoy working on a diverse range of projects ranging from small residential renovations, to larger commercial developments. From the small interior décor to the complexity of interior design. The urban design works and the projects on landscaping.

What said about us


ankur thussu
ankur thussu
Concept space architects have done an excellent job at my place. The team is professional and have a solution for all of your architectural needs. Highly recommended
Akash Chand
Akash Chand
One of the best architect in noida & greater noida
Samar Khan
Samar Khan
Good services
Prateek Dubey
Prateek Dubey
Great experience. It was really nice interacting with Saleem sir
subodh suman
subodh suman
I'm working with concept space architects,as a contractor as rajlaxmi infrastructure company. I have very good experience working with him. Very good architects, very supportive.
Dhananjay Kumar
Dhananjay Kumar
Very nice experience working with concept space architects and overall experience is excellent. Highly valuable design, tips and suggestions.From begning to finishing, design to construction work has very appropriatable. Happy to work with concept space architect.
Sunita Tripathi
Sunita Tripathi
आम मध्यम वर्ग की तरह हमने भी अपना छोटा का मकान बनाने का सपना देखा है। पर अपने छोटे प्लॉट और अपने सीमित बजट में हमें अपना ये सपना पूरा करना है। तो फिर ये लाजमी था कि हम किसी ऐसे जानकार आर्किटेक्ट से मिले जो जरूरत को समझ सके। और फिर शुरू की हमने नेट पर अपने आर्किटेक्ट की खोज। हम आर्किटेक्ट सलीम खान से मिले तो उन्होने न केवल हमारी जरूरत को पूरी तरह से समझा बल्कि उसमें अपने विशेष जानकारी के अनुसार काफी सुधार किया। वन साइड ओपन हमारे प्लॉट को कैसे रोशनी और हवा को जगह देनी है, परंपरागत और मॉडन डिजाइन के संगम से आकर्षक बनाना है इस पर लंबी चर्चा की। डिजाइन पर चर्चा -परिचर्चा करते हुए कैसे तीन घंटे से ज्यादा समय निकल गया कि हमे पता ही नही चला। जितनी तल्लीनता से उन्होने पूरा डिजाइन हमसे discuss किया, कि जब घर पर आये तो परिवार के सभी सदस्यों ने एकमत से उसकी भरपूर तारीफ की। फाइनल डिजाइन आने पर आप सभी लोगो से उसे जरूर शेयर करूगी।
Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar
Very good architect
Tasleem Ahmad
Tasleem Ahmad
My house was designed by Arch. Saleem khan in 2018. He fulfilled our requirements as well as expectations. Their recommendations are valuable and saved our money and time. Thier design is also affordable.


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