Finishing Touch: Brief Guide to Choosing and Installing Skirting Board

That finishing touch on your room…

The little detail can make a big difference in your space…

Whether you’re sprucing up a new space or giving an old room a facelift, choosing and installing skirting boards can add that extra ‘it’ you’ve been looking for!

Roll up our sleeves and get started on interior designing tips for skirting board selection and installation!



Skirting boards/baseboards/ base moldings are narrow panels that run along the bottom edge of interior walls to serve both functional and decorative purposes in a room. 

It ensures, Protection | Concealment | Aesthetic Enhancement | Insulation, and whatnot!!!

Whether you’re renovating a room or just looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up your space, skirting boards are one of the prime house décor ideas that are worth considering!!


  • Consider the Style as the skirting boards come in various styles… 

From traditional to modern, all you need is to assess the overall aesthetic appeal of your room to selectively go for the skirting that complements your decor and enhances the look you’re thoughtful for.

  • Select the Material like wood, MDF, PVC, and plaster. 

With its benefits and drawbacks, each material has its considerations in terms of durability, cost-effectiveness, appearance, maintenance requirements, and budget while selecting the skirting board to compliment the elegant room décor

  • Measuring Your Space Before purchasing skirting boards…

Carefully assessing the perimeter of your room to determine how much you’ll need, is one important step. It’s better to buy a little extra stretch to account for any mistakes or wastage during installation.

  • Speculative about the Height and Profile…

Think about how high you want them to be and the shape of the profile you prefer as Skirting boards come in various heights and profiles. Taller skirting boards can add a sense of grandeur to a room, while simpler profiles suggest a more minimalist look.

  • Clarity regarding Matching or Contrasting skirting boards…

Speculating over if your skirting is to be blended with the walls or be a contrasting element to the design? Matching can create a seamless look while contrasting colors can add visual interest and depth to the space.

  • The practical considerations…

Practicality is the vital means for any interior work. Ease of installation, maintenance, and durability, such factors should be checked when choosing skirting boards. Like would it be easy to install and maintain? and will it withstand wear and tear over time?

  • Visualizing the Finished Look…

Before making your bet, visualize how the skirting boards will look in your interior space. Do consider factors like lighting, furniture placement, and other decorative elements to ensure the complementing of the overall design of the room.

With these preparations in place, 

you’re ready to move on to the installation phase and bring your chosen skirting board to life in your space!


To begin fitting skirting boards to aid your house decor ideas, carefully measure and cut the boards to the length of each wall before starting the installation. The need is to be sure that the measurements are precisely done, and the corners are shaped at an angle to provide a clear finish. Evenly coat the reverse of the skirting board with a strong adhesive before gently aligning it along the bottom of the wall and pressing it firmly into place. 

For increased stability, fasten the skirting board with nails or screws spaced regularly throughout its length. Make sure that each wall is level and aligned by repeating the procedure. Sand down any sharp edges, apply wood filler to any gaps or holes, and paint or varnish the skirting boards to match the color scheme of the space. 

Lastly, take a step back and admire the skirting you just installed.


  • Measurements could be Incorrect! Measure multiple times and cut once to avoid material wastage and to ensure a proper fit along the walls.
  • Angles aren’t appropriate! Take care to accurately shape the angles at corners to achieve a seamless finish eliminating gaps or overlaps.
  • Adhesive Coverage might be Inadequate! Ensure thorough coverage on the back of the skirting board, as this would prevent detachment from the wall over time.
  • Uneven Installation took place! the skirting board must be level upright and aligned with the wall. Avoid crooked or uneven installation.
  • Insufficient Fixings were used! Enough nails or screws are to be used for securing the skirting board firmly to the wall, preventing it from loosening or coming away.
  • Wall Preparation might be Neglected! Clean and prepare the walls before installation to sublime the surface for proper adhesion of the skirting board.
  • Overlook Gaps! Assess any gaps between the skirting board and the wall. This would help to achieve a professional-looking finish.
  • Finishing Touches are skipped! Sand down the rough edges, fill nail holes, and paint or varnish the skirting boards to complement the room’s essence for a subtle final appearance


When tackling skirting board installation, it’s essential to arm yourself with some extra tips to ensure a smooth and successful process. First off, invest in a miter saw or miter box for precise and clean cuts, especially for those tricky corner angles. Pre-drilling screw holes can prevent splittings while test-fitting the skirting board before cutting ensures a proper fit. Consider painting or varnishing the boards beforehand for easier application and a more professional finish. Don’t forget to leave small expansion gaps between the board and the floor to accommodate any movement. And for those inevitable small gaps between the board and the wall, caulk works wonders for a seamless look. Work your way along the walls starting at the corners, taking your time and double-checking your work for accuracy. 

With these additional pointers at your disposal, you’ll be all set to install skirting boards like a pro.

Happy Skirting it up!


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